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Vet Tech Month - Package #4

Alberta's Own

Vet Tech Month - Package #4


To celebrate Vet Tech Month, Alberta's Own has teamed up with the Alberta Vet Tech Association to help lift up and support the amazing people who take care of our furry friends.

The ultimate self-care, this package contains:

  • all-natural muscle and joint ointment
  • the BEST reusable hot pack ever designed
  • Soulful Smile room and body mist to lift energy
  • 12oz to-go cup engraved with a special paw-ECG-heart design

Order by Oct. 10, 2023, and packages will ship in mid-November. Feel free to place one order per shipping address to save on shipping costs.

About the goods >>>

Green Goodness Ointment - Relieve sore muscles, aching shoulders, painful knees, and skin irritations with loads of amazing, wild Alberta herbs from Tanglewood woodland farm and gardens in this gentle, effective organic ointment!

Reusable Hot Pack - Great for the neck and shoulder area. It can also be used across the abdomen, up the spine, wrapping around a knee or foot. Many chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists recommend using this product to keep muscles relaxed and loose in between visits and help with injury relief. Approximate size is 5.5” x 28”, sewn into 4 compartments for balance.

Soulful Smile Spray - Gain your emotional clarity back! That place where your are reminded that all is well, and that life is about miracles. Soulful Smile contains a precise and unique blend of anise seed, asphodel, and neroli to lighten and brighten your emotions, so you can smile from the inside out, let go of drama and feel like the real you. "I spray this on my pillow before I go to bed. I feel like all of the activity of the day evaporates and I can sleep really well."

12oz Travel Mug - Lamose reusable beverage containers offer exceptional temperature retention and easy-close, leak-proof, quick-open flip lid for worry-free sipping. Dishwasher safe for easy and convenient cleaning.