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Ha Ling 3D Maple Cribbage Board


Ha Ling 3D Maple Cribbage Board


Functional art, these are beautiful display pieces when you're not trekking pegs through the mountainscape! This particular design being a staff favourite, because the mountain rendering is a perfect replica of the view from the store's front door. 


This solid maple cribbage board was modeled with the actual topography of the iconic Ha Ling peak in Canmore, Alberta. It has a storage hole for the included pegs (6) behind a custom-etched stainless steel door. Each board measures 14.5" long by 7.5" wide by 3.75" tall and the wood is oiled with danish oil.


These boards are created by the team of Brett and Brandon, an architect and a tech-wizard, who work together in their shop in Calgary, with each piece passing through the custom-built and programmed CNC machine three times, and then being sanded and finished by hand.