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Mastermind Elixirs for Life Sacred Room Spray

Elixirs for Life

Mastermind Elixirs for Life Sacred Room Spray


“Zen in a bottle”

Master Mind—Here and Now Sacred Room Spray for mental clarity is energetically formulated to bring forth greater presence, calm and centredness. For our Master Mind formula, Kandis included the special Bulgarian geranium blossom to bring forth greater mental clarity. It’s excellent for moments and situations that require mental fortitude and stamina. It rises you up, clears you out, and sets forth happiness into your day!

Water, Glycerin, Bulgarian Geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) essential oil*, Asphodel (Asphodelus albus) extract*, Love, Reiki, Prayers.
*Organic ingredient

Spray this lovely mist around yourself, and your environment to bring forth the connected feeling of being in a sacred temple. Not for topical use. Avoid contact with your eyes. 

About Here & Now Sacred Room Sprays
All of the Here & Now Sacred Room Sprays are created to bring you into the here and now of your life—into the present moment—all thanks to the amazing properties of the beautiful asphodel flower. 
The valuable asphodel flower was revered in ancient Hellenic times, and creates the foundation of our Here & Now sprays because of its unique ability to bring you into the present moment, so you can hear your Divine guidance and enjoy all the miraculous moments of your life.